İnnovation and Entrepreneurship

We are working to transform İzmir into a region with high innovation capacity that produces technology and exports it.

2014 - 2023 REGIONAL PLAN

The strength of a region's economy is closely related to its productivity, growth rate, competitiveness, export volume, capital size and the quality of the workforce. In order to strengthen the regional economy in İzmir, we aim to increase efficient and high value-added production.

With this purpose, we are working to strengthen the infrastructure, human resource as well as the cooperation between public institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations. We prepare regional plans to increase innovation and technology based production, entrepreneurship as well as the export of value-added products and services, we then conduct activities in line with these plans.

Strategies and Analyses

  • 2016

    İzmir Innovation Ecosystem Network Analysis

    The interactive İzmir Innovation Ecosystem Network Analysis can be utilized in analyzing the relationship between regional institutions and organizations and the services they provide.

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  • 2016

    Izmir Innovation Indicators and Innovation Ecosystem Analysis

    The R&D and innovation indicators of İzmir were analyzed and the level of achievement for the objectives determined in the strategy document and the development ecosystem was determined.

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  • 2012

    Izmir Regional Innovation Strategy

    İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy was prepared by İZKA in cooperation with EBİLTEM and TÜİK İzmir Regional Directorate .

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  • 2012

    Izmir Clustering Strategy

    The clustering activities carried out to strengthen the competitiveness of the region are managed within the framework of İzmir Clustering Strategy, which was established to contribute to the development of the existing and potential clusters.

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  • 2013

    Izmir Knowledge Society Based Development Strategy

    The strategy prepared in cooperation with Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE), encourages the transformation of Izmir into a knowledge society and a smart city

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  • 2012

    Strategy for Development of İzmir Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

    The Strategy for Development of İzmir Entrepreneurship Ecosystem was prepared in cooperation with TEPAV (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey)

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  • 2014

    Investment Promotion Strategy

    The strategy that enables our agency to focus on promotional activities to attract foreign investment to İzmir identifies two sectors with high potential in which İzmir can succeed.

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Provided Supports

We prepare regional development plans based on the principle of participation in line with the National Development Plan and provide technical and financial support to the projects and activities for the implementation of these plans.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Oriented Projects


TL Financial Support

Adding Value to the FutureEU Project


In 2015, we applied to the Civil Society Dialogue - IV Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instrument Grant Scheme, which is financed to support the dialogue between Turkey and European Union civil society organizations, within the "Economic Development Models and Analytical Tools" priority. The project titled Adding Value to the Future was awarded a grant.

Adding Value to the Future Project aims for experience exchange with local actors and capacity building in developing the local value chain through clustering policies and tools.

In the case of the Industrial Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Cluster, among the project outputs are: conducting a value chain analysis with a unique methodology and to generate policies to increase the competitiveness of the cluster and to implement these policy proposals.

With the implementation of the project, which aims for experience exchange between İzmir and the Piedmont Region in Italy, the objectives of the İzmir Clustering Strategy, work program and regional plan will be implemented and the sustainability of the study will be strengthened through the application of the model developed in other sectors.