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The 4th İzmir Foreign Capital Companies Meeting 15 May 2017

The 4th İzmir Foreign Capital Companies Meeting organized with the cooperation of İzmir Development Agency and the İzmir Consulate of Italy was held with the theme of the contribution of the Italian economy to İzmir and to the Aegean Region. The event was attended by the senior executives of leading foreign capital companies in İzmir, especially Italian capital companies, as well as executives of leading institutions and organizations.

"İzmir has a lot to offer to Italian companies"

Making the opening speech at the meeting, the İzmir Italian Consul General Luigi Iannuzzi stated that they will closely examine the rooted relationship between Turkey and Italy as well as the investment opportunities in the Aegean Region and added: "We would like to introduce you the Italian economy in great detail and tell you about the opportunities it has to offer to the Turkish entrepreneurs. We will tell you about the investment and trade opportunities in Italy. The authorities in business and economic relations are here for an opportunity for you to meet. There are numerous Italian companies in İzmir and they have been in service for many years. İzmir has a lot to offer to Italian companies. Italy continues its existence here as the Italian Chamber of Commerce. We are ready to provide all necessary information and support through the Italian Chamber of Commerce."

"The presence of Italian companies in İzmir is important"

The Deputy Governor Aydın MEMÜK stated that they care a lot about the presence of Italian firms in İzmir in his speech and added: "İzmir is a typical Mediterranean city in terms of both its climate and its socio-economic characteristics. It is difficult to set İzmir apart from an Italian town for it has the same type of tranquil lifestyle as well as friendly and tolerant people. The fact that İzmir has a dominant Mediterranean culture makes the city an important destination not only for living but also for doing business. In addition, Italian companies can work comfortably in İzmir in terms of business culture. These cultural and economic similarities between these two regions have led to a continuous increase in the investment in trade volume between Italy and İzmir."

"The good relations and investment opportunities between Turkey and Italy continue"

The speakers emphasized during the second part that the good relations between Turkey and Italy continues, that Italian companies have been operating in Turkey since 1960 and that the reason for this success is the common Mediterranean culture. Margharita Gianessi, the Trade and Economy Officer of the Embassy in Ankara stated: "We do business easier because we get along better. Our economies do not compete but complement each other. Italy and Turkey collaborated on the launch of the Göktürk satellite. Italy transferred technology to Turkey. These two countries can collaborate in many other fields."

İzmir Development Agency Investment Support Office Expert H. Gökhan ELÜSTÜN made a presentation titled "Investment Opportunities and Renewable Energy in İzmir" during the last part of the event. Elüstün stated that İzmir is a pioneering and a leading city in renewable energy in terms of both potential and installed capacity. He emphasized that İzmir has become a production base for renewable energy equipment thanks to new investments and that the city has been under the spotlight of the leading manufacturers in the sector.


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