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Information Society İzmir

Why Transformation into an Information Society?

Information has been the most important source of wealth of societies throughout history. Societies with more information in terms of quality and quantity which can utilize it correctly in line with an efficient political, economic and social organization have always reached to a higher level of prosperity.

The developments in the field of electronics especially from the mid-20th century has been a breakthrough for acquiring, storing, processing and transferring information and also accelerated the process of transformation into an information society. And in recent years, information and communication technologies have become a technology of general use in all areas of economic and social life. During this process, information and communication technologies have appeared as a sector with high added value and the use of these technologies in other sectors contributed to the production of new information, the development of new and more effective working methods, the increase in the productivity of production factors and the emergence of new jobs and fields of expertise.

These developments heavily affect economic, social and individual life. The competition between national economies is also affected by these developments while countries that use information as well as information and communication technologies efficiently gain international competitive advantage.

Digital transformation, individuals considered as the actors of information society, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations face the pressure of having appropriate qualifications to the new order. In this respect, a social structure of institutions and individuals with high motivation to produce information who utilizes information correctly during their daily life and decision making processes, who has an improved ability of systematic thinking, who questions themselves and their environment and keeps learning throughout their life comes into prominence.


There is a necessity of new political approaches and policies as difficulties arise from current laws and public policies applied in the age of information society during which individuals, communities and institutions go through a dynamic and self-replicating process of transformation. ---- Within this context, almost all countries review their political / administrative, economic, social policies and put forward thematic policies and strategies towards information society in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by the information society and avoid its possible risks. International and supranational organizations such as United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also conduct studies towards understanding the information society and shaping its transformation.


İzmir's Strategy for Transformation into an Information Society


Innovations in information and communication technologies affect all areas of economic and social life as well as all segments of the society and lay the groundwork for the transformation into an information society. Dissemination of the use of information and communication technologies and the increase of value added production will ensure the national, regional and global integration of the city and will contribute to its global competitiveness.

There are great opportunities in İzmir for informatics, software production and services both in domestic market and export. The e-government project, the national information society strategy, the e-transformation project and national strategic plans within the related sectors also create opportunities for İzmir which is ready in terms of infrastructure. İzmir is an attraction center for information and communication sector with its city culture which has developing creative industries and climate.

İZKA has grasped the importance of Transformation to an Information Society and integrated it to its vision. As a result, a strategy that is in accordance with the Information Society Strategies developed in Turkey at a national level and sets out goals and action plans particularly for İzmir. This document of strategy is the first Information Society Strategy prepared at a province level in our country.


Among the objectives of the Transformation into an Information Society strategy of İzmir are: determination of the current situation of the information and communication sector, acceleration of the transformation process, determination of strategic priorities and goals for dissemination as well as ensuring all organizations and institutions to use information and technology efficiently. Within this strategy, the priorities and necessities for İzmir to become a city that uses, produces and exports information and technology.



İZKA Activities towards Transformation into an Information Society

Transformation Into an Information Society and Information Technologies Financial Support Program

İZKA conducted the "Transformation Into an Information Society and Information and Communication Technologies Financial Support Program" with a budget of 13.4 TL in order to put İzmir Information Society Development Society into practice. This financial support program is the first one conducted to support transformation into an information society on a city/province level and 31 projects have been supported. The projects within the program were completed within 2016.





The overall objective of Transformation into an Information Society and Information and Communication Technologies Financial Support Program was determined as: "Acceleration of İzmir's transformation into an information society and dissemination of practices to support this process; ensuring the production of quality information and communication technologies by businesses in İzmir to serve this purpose."

The priorities determined for Nonprofit Organizations are stated below:

  • Providing online access to health, education, transportation, culture, environment, agriculture and tourism services and ensuring their integration and uninterrupted accessibility.
  • Dissemination of smart city applications which increase the brand value of İzmir.
  • Development of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency applications and information and communication applications that support the sustainable usage of natural resources.
  • Dissemination of participation based smart local governance applications and the delivery of the services of public and local administrations via online-mobile technologies.

The priorities determined for Profit Making Organizations are stated below:

  • Development and commercialization of innovative products of high added value and activities in Information and Communication technologies sector towards other economic sectors and the public.
  • Making improvements in the development process of information and communication technologies in businesses as well as design, R&D and product development.
  • Improving the globalization level of products and services of businesses in information and communication technologies, increasing their export capacity and obtaining the required quality certificates.