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Innovation in İzmir

Why Innovation?

Today, R&D and innovation are perceived as the most important tools for improved social wealth and sustainable development. And the developed countries in our day are ones who allocate resources for activities that construct R&D and innovation strategies. The most important objective of the innovation studies is to form a strong innovation capacity in İzmir in which technology-based production is conducted. Planning and implementing the R&D and innovation activities in İzmir in cooperation with the infrastructure, human resources, public, private and non-governmental organizations of İzmir and turning İzmir into a region with high innovation power that produces and exports technology as a result.

İzmir Innovation Ecosystem             

Structures that are directly involved in the R&D and innovation system and that are the most important elements of the ecosystem are as follows:

  • Technology Transfer Offices,
  • Technology Development Zones,
  • Organized Industrial Zones
  • Universities
  • Free Zones
  • Chambers and Associations,
  • Shared Workspace Providers,
  • Design and Business Incubation Services,
  • Application and Research Centers,
  • Public Institutions and Organizations,
  • Clusters
  • R&D Labs,
  • Public Research Centers,
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Developing the capacity of the ecosystem actors as well as the cooperation and coordination between them are aimed.


Sosyal Media Integration

Innovation Activities

The İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy was prepared by İZKA in cooperation with EBİLTEM and TurkStat İzmir Regional Directorate in 2012 and provided input to the 2014-2023 İzmir Regional Plan in line with the objetive of increasing the High Technology, Innovation and Design Capacity in İzmir. Innovation studies continue in accordance with the strategic priorities and objectives stated in the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy.

İzmir Innovation Success Stories

başarı hikayeleri

The successfull work of the innovative firms in İzmir were collected into a book.20 firms took part in the studies conducted in İzmir with the aim of improving the knowledge and awareness about innovation especially on the basis of businesses.The study was conducted in collaboration with Yaşar University in 2016.


Update of the R & D and Innovation Indicators and the Innovation Ecosystem Map

The study conducted in cooperation with İZKA and Ege University aims to update the data in the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy which includes and to put forward the development of İzmir in terms of R&D and innovation ecosystem in the past 5 years. The study initiated in 2016 still being carried out. The final reports of the study will be announced here.

The Innovation Strategy of İzmir


The objective of the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy is to prepare a regional innovation strategy by determining the current state of R&D and innovation in İzmir; to build mechnaisms that will encourage the development of innovation by creating an ecosystem that enales R&D and innovation; scale İzmir up to a position that produces and exports technology.

The study was conducted in cooperation with EBİLTEM, İZKA and TurkStat İzmir Regional Directorate. Taken into consideration was the opinions, suggestions and reviews of the İzmir Regional Innovation Committee which includes 30 representatives from related institutions and organizations as well as the İzmir Innovation Technical Comittee which includes 13 representatives from different universities in Turkey. The İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy study is formed with the outputs of the three different researches conducted within the project, 5 committee meetings organized with the participation of the related partners as well as the outputs of the workshop in which the strategic priorities and objectives were determined.

Within the scope of the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy, 6 strategic priorities and 27 objectives to achieve these priorities for overcoming the weaknesses and necessities determined in order to increase the R&D and innovation potential of İzmir and to bring the city to a level of producing and exporting technology.

What can you do?

In order for the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy to be implemented, the following studies are the top ones to be locally conducted:

  • Being adopted by all institutions and organizations,
  • Including activities towards achieving the objectives and actions within the scope of the strategy in the work program and strategic plan of the institutions,
  • Creating and sharing cooperation projects towards achieving objectives and actions,
  • Referencing the İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy in project applications for national and international funding sources.