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City Marketing Strategic Plan İzmir Visual Identity

City Marketing Strategic Plan

In the Search Decision Conference held in 2008 to determine the priorities of İzmir "the promotion of İzmir" was identified as the main priority İzmir has to focus on by the opinion leaders of the city and this mission was given to İzmir Development Agency.

Having the characteristics of an "umbrella organization" by its structure and philosophy with the role of being a facilitator which ensures coordination, İZKA examined how the globally known, highly recognized cities work. Being aware that city marketing must be conducted within a strategy, İZKA announced a tender for the preparation of İzmir's city marketing strategic plan.

In cooperation with the international consortium which has global experience in city marketing, the İzmir City Marketing Strategic Plan was prepared in about 6 months.

Just as every other work conducted by İZKA, the İzmir City Marketing Strategic Plan was prepared with the principle of participation. A perception and recognition survey was carried out in 17 cities of Turkey besides İzmir, as well as 10 cities in Europe, USA and the Middle East. In addition, an online survey was conducted and face to face interviews were held in various districts of İzmir. Within these studies, a total of 3.687 people were consulted.

Along with the research results, the basic reference and strategy documents were examined; comparisons were made with other cities in the world; global trends were considered and the current situation of İzmir in city marketing was revealed.

It was determined that although it is a lucky city which has a rare historical, cultural and natural variety, İzmir is not at a level it deserves to be.

The low recognition rate of the city; its lack of dissimilarity from the other cities in the region; not having a common and organized language of communication, the lack of union and coordination were determined as the main reasons of this situation.

In the light of the revealed current status and the 2010-2013 İzmir Regional Plan, the city marketing vision of İzmir was determined as "becoming the most rewarding Mediterranean City."

The main message was identified as "İzmir makes you enjoy memorable experiences with its hidden gems."

The vision is to highlight the "Mediterranean city" identity of İzmir and to emphasize the fact that it offers various hidden opportunities and experiences to its target audience of tourists, investors and residents.

The action plan prepared based upon this vision includes around 170 creative and innovative action suggestions that will increase the standard of living in İzmir and also will increase the number of tourists and the amount of investments.

The Visual Identity of İzmir

The first visual identity study for a city conducted within a strategy was carried out by İZKA. "The Visual Identity of İzmir" was prepared by İZKA in order to ensure that İzmir has a common and regular communication language within the scope of the purpose of "Creating A Consistent and Sustainable Brand Platform" which is a must in the İzmir City Marketing Strategic Plan.

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