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A Mediterranean Gem

İzmir brings together an 8.500 year old history with turquoise waters and a bright sky!


The Rising Power in Investment

As the second largest commercial center in Turkey, İzmir offers the investors a wide range of production opportunities and high living standards.

The 2014-2023 Vision of İzmir

“The Attraction Center of Mediterranean, Producing Information, Design and Innovation.”

2014-2023 İzmir Regional Plan

Financial Support for Projects

İZKA financial support programs provide financing for SME's, non-governmental organizations and development oriented projects of public institutions.

The Second Fastest Growing Metropolitan Area in the World

According to the 2015 Global Metro Monitor published by the Brookings Institute ve JP Morgan Chase, İzmir is the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the world.

İZKA Becomes a Finalist in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards

İZKA is One of the Institutions to Promote Enterprises and Entrepreneurship the Best in Europe.

  • Eko-verimlilik Broşürü
    Eko-verimlilik Broşürü
  • Mevcut Durum Analizi
    Mevcut Durum Analizi
  • İzmir Bölge Planı
    İzmir Bölge Planı
  • Yenilik Başarı Hikayeleri
    Yenilik Başarı Hikayeleri
  • Projem İzmir
    Projem İzmir
  • Kurumsal Broşür
    Kurumsal Broşür
  • Projem İzmir I
    Projem İzmir I
  • Projem İzmir II
    Projem İzmir II
  • Proje Hazırlama Kılavuzu
    Proje Hazırlama Kılavuzu
  • Bölgesel Yenilik Stratejisi
    Bölgesel Yenilik Stratejisi
  • İzmir Broşürü
    İzmir Broşürü
  • Müze ve Ören Yerleri
    Müze ve Ören Yerleri
  • Deniz Kum Güneş
    Deniz Kum Güneş
  • İzmir Haritası
    İzmir Haritası
  • İzmir Broşürü
    İzmir Broşürü